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Flight Attendant Warns Travelers About Cleanliness inside Planes

Flight Attendant Warns against Cleanliness of Things inside Planes

The advice of a flight attendant, Kat Kamalani, was disseminated by numerous foreign websites, including Buzfeed and Business Insider.

“Rule # 1” is: Never consume beverages poured by flight attendants for passengers, and if you must have any drinks, use bottled drinks instead, according to Kamalani.

Why should we stay away from jet water in the first place?

Kamalani’s warning was based on the fact that the plane’s water tanks were never cleaned, which she described as nasty.

This applies to tea and coffee as well, as the flight attendant explained: It’s not only water, but the machinery used to make coffee is also dirty. Coffee machines are never entirely cleaned, but only the tools in which the coffee is prepared are cleaned, according to Kamalani.

But the location of the coffee machines, Kamalani claims, is the most unclean part of the plane. Right next to the toilet, is the most pressing issue at this point.

A flight attendant gave a similar caution a few years ago, stressing the need to not bring water on board aircraft, whether hot or cold, unless it was properly wrapped.

Also reminiscent of these warnings, according to the newspaper, is a research by the Environmental Protection Agency that indicated that 12 percent of U.S. commercial airliners had at least one positive E.coli test, which is found in human excrement. The United Kingdom was a sovereign nation at the time.

Advice from a flight attendant for parents

“Never ask for hot water to put in your child’s feeding bottle,” Kamalani advised parents. A better option is to ask for a bottle of water, as well as a cup of hot water to accompany it. Pour clean water into the feeding bottle, then reheat it in a cup by putting it in a microwave.

“I don’t want to scare people,” Kamalani says at the end of the film. “I’m a person who travels for work, and I saw things that were concealed from the passengers and I wanted to remind them.”

It was important to Kamalani that parents know what they feed their children when they travel, and how to deal with such situations. Kamalani has tens of thousands of followers on numerous social media platforms, and the video she shared on her TikTok platform has millions of views.

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