Greetings! I’m Waleed, a devoted and seasoned travel blogger. I’ve brought to life my digital platform, “Tourist Eyes”, where I immerse myself in chronicling the sights I encounter and the myriad of experiences I undertake during my global sojourns.

In the labyrinth of travel blogging, my blog “Tourist Eyes” is a haven where I pen down comprehensive travel guides to popular destinations, spotlight hidden gems, unveil authentic restaurants with their eclectic dining experiences, and delve into the myriad cultures I’ve had the privilege to explore. Alongside this, I delight in sharing intriguing narratives of the fascinating individuals I cross paths with during my wanderings.

At the heart of my endeavor is a simple yet impactful goal: to turn my individual travel experiences into meaningful narratives that can guide, inspire, and enhance the travel journeys of those who find their way to my blog. Since setting off on this global trot in 2016, I have left no stone unturned, reveling in the discovery of places beyond the boundaries of my homeland.

Being a passionate photographer, I take immense joy in capturing the essence of these places through my lens. These vivid, high-resolution images serve as a visual treat to my blog visitors, giving them a feel of the place before they set foot there. This unique blend of first-hand narratives and captivating visuals is encapsulated in the name of my blog, “Tourist Eyes,” symbolizing a traveler’s perspective that beholds the beauty of the world.

Let’s embark on this exciting journey together. Happy travels to one and all!

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